Craft love… Decoupage Photos

Decoupage Photos

My seventeen year old daughter recently created these pieces for a friend’s 18th birthday.  They have been friends for their whole lives and to celebrate these memories she used some special photos of them throughout their lives to make a decorative memento of that friendship.

The technique was actually very simple and inexpensive.  Not having access to a scanner she just took a photo of the photo and then printed it on a colour photocopier, just on copy paper.  She then used PVA glue to coat the small canvasses and affix the images.  The final step was to paint the image again with a couple of coats of the glue allowing drying time in between the layers.

The end results are really quite lovely and hopefully we always be an enduring shared treasure and visual memory of the friendship between the two girls.

Decoupage Photos

Decoupage Photos


  1. Sue Espie

    What a beautiful idea! I too have a wonderful & arty 17 year old daughter (soon to be 18!) I will show her this as she’s often looking for something special to make her newly 18yr old friends for their birthdays. Thankyou.

    • kerrie naughton

      Thanks sue. I think 18 is quite a difficult age for presents, especially handmade ones. My girls have mostly been disinterested in home type gifts and are not really self confident enough at this age to wear something like one of your beautiful felted pieces. At least we have one simple option now.

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