Art Love… Acrylic Seascape with Vine Frame

Acrylic Seascape with Vine FrameI am writing about this particular painting not because I think it is a great work of art but because I am hoping to provide a bit of decorating inspiration.  Acrylic painting is a very forgiving art form; it is inexpensive, fun and can be used to complement the home décor.

This particular painting is on one of those cheap canvasses available from reject shops and discount warehouses.  The paint is not art quality but left-overs from painting projects around the house. If you have been following me for a while you would have seen all these paints before on projects such as our internal staircase, murals and bedside tables.  Repeating and reflecting colours around the house has the effect of tying rooms together and creating a seamless, blended decorative pallet.  I buy most of my paint from Gina at Inspirations in Dunsborough.

The painting technique used for this painting is quite primitive and not requiring of any finesse.  The paints are premixed and have not been blended prior to slapping on the canvas.  Most of the strokes are simply lines.  I did use a photo taken by my friend Ana of Turquoise Table as a guide to assist with the placement of light and dark colours. The figure is kept very simple with the use of very few brush strokes.

Instead of framing the painting of have grown one of my favourite plants, a Pothus around it.  This particular indoor vine requires very little attention and has prolific growth.  I have a fabulous one growing in my office at the Yallingup Steiner School which I am aiming to grow right around the room.

I would strongly encourage everyone to have a go at creating a seascape, it is really not difficult and who knows you could create a stunning work of art to complement your home.

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