Art love… Felted Hat and Scarf

Kates Hat and Scarf

Obviously the Winter weather is getting to me and I am seeking out all my warm and cosy gear. This felted scarf and hat made by Yallingup crafter, Kate Reilly certainly fits the bill.

The hat and scarf are made from Merino wool tufts. Wool is a fabulous material, not only is it warm but it has other fantastic qualities including; being flame resistant, providing ultra violet ray protections and being extremely durable. This hat and scarf can actually be easily washed. I actually love it because of the range of vivid colours.

Although I purchased the hat and scarf together and have displayed them this way I don’t actually wear them together as I feel it may be a bit over the top. Maybe this is just because my neck is shorter than my hat head friend (as pictured). This hat and scarf particularly appealed to me because of the attractive ‘lattice style’ work which fringes both the hat and scarf.

Kate Reilly’s work can also be seen on display at Gnome Hollows which is the shop at the Yallingup Steiner School. A limited range of the felting wool can also be found for sale at the shop.

Kates Hat and Scarf

Kates Hat and Scarf

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