About Us

Thanks for a having a look at this site. We have been moved to put it together as an inspiration – mostly an inspiration for ourselves but hopefully for others as well. Putting ourselves and our home out there on public display is certainly one way of stimulating the somewhat recalcitrant urge to clean and rejuvenate and also to finish those projects that have been “ in progress’ for some time.

Who is the Contemporary Crafter? 


I’m Kerrie, a  working mother of four children. For over two decades I have been cash and time poor.  I have also been quietly committed on a long term basis to the health of my family and our environment. Many days I feel that I have achieved very little and certainly nothing lasting. Even those days when the day-to-day stuff; the grooming, exercise, washing, preparing meals and snacks, paying bills,  shopping, cleaning, being the Mum taxi, pet care, garden care, family and friend interaction, work and the myriad of other tasks that make up a contemporary woman’s life is under control it all needs to be done again the next day. It can be somewhat dispiriting.

My solution to combat the ephemeral nature of my life is to attempt to create something lasting every day.  I find the creative process is uplifting and nurturing to the spirit. This does not mean I craft a masterpiece on a daily basis but I do either work towards or make something that is not immediately consumed – something that either gives lasting pleasure or has practical application for more than a day or reduces our carbon footprint.  Mostly the craft projects I attempt are simple and inexpensive to create.  At this stage of my life I do not have the time to embark on detailed, complex tasks so unfortunately there will be little in the way of quilting, knitting, weaving, or other very detailed labor intensive crafts. Hopefully, I can still provide enough to keep you engaged though and keep things simple enough so we can all actually feel happy and proud of our finished results.

The other reason I am moved to create things for the home is to personalize it.  Our family home is filled with things that are crafted by us or valued by us – our home is our living history. Our home is a reflection of our passions, our travels and our personalities and hopefully we can share some ideas to help you interpret and reflect similar things for yourself.

I live in a particularly beautiful corner of the world and am hoping to share some ideas and inspiration with those of you who share it with me and beyond. I hope to mention some local businesses that have resources or skills to share – especially those who have online shopping.  I think this is of value to those of us who are removed, distance-wise from most suppliers and creative hubs.  It must also be acknowledged that in South West Western Australia we do have the benefit of some unique and original people, materials and resources which are certainly worthy of world-wide exposure.

Let’s ‘have a go’’, let’s get inspired see if we can make a difference in our lives, create something that satisfies our souls and our creative urges and who knows even leave a legacy?  In this project I am ably assisted by my daughter, Darcie and both us would love to hear and see if you do have a go…


One comment

  1. Sue Espie

    What a wonderful philosophy Kerrie. I started something similar about 3 or 4 years ago – a drawing a day – inspired by my wonderful & inspiring artist/art teacher friend Vicki Blythman, I’ve let it slip a bit over the past 2 years & have only just started again with a slight difference – “It” can be a drawing, piece of felt, or some such thing or learning a new guitar chord, drum rhythm…. so much fun 🙂

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